"The heart carries the feet," Hebrew Proverb.

"The heart carries the feet," Hebrew Proverb.

Rachel has always been a curious, inquisitive soul- often wondering about why we do the things we do, where our thoughts come from, and how we live our life as a result of our stories. 

This led Rachel to study both Theatre and Psychology as an undergrad at UCSC, majoring in Psych with a minor in Theatre, and going on to achieve a Masters in Social Work at UH Manoa with her LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) shortly thereafter. 

Rachel has had over a decade of experience working with Hawaii's youth, mainly as a Socio-Emotional Counselor for the High School population, but has also worked with the middle school-aged population as well as organizations such as Halekipa and Child and Family Service. 

Beginning in her Undergrad years at UCSC, Rachel advanced her curiosity about the mind and body with yoga. Since then, Rachel has dabbled in many styles of yoga but found a home in the Hatha and Tantra lineage. Rachel believes that yoga acts as a mirror to provide a means of self-exploration, awareness, and balance, as well as a feeling of connection to all that is.  With her experience and love for working with youth, Rachel completed a Kids Yoga certification with Brynne Caleda of Yoga Ed. in ’08 and went on to achieve a 200-Hour certification from Open Space Yoga in ’09, an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist Certification with the Himalayan Institute in ’12, and completed a Restorative Yoga Teacher Training in ‘14. In addition, throughout the near decade as both counselor and yoga instructor in Hawai'i, Rachel has found that both worlds are connected in many ways and in fact, complement one another greatly. Rachel has and continues to teach workshops on Yoga and Anxiety, Yoga and Depression, as well as Yoga Nidra. Rachel is excited about continuing to explore this relationship both personally and professionally.

Rachel offers Ayurvedic consultations and teaches various kinds of yoga under the hatha flow umbrella including yoga basics, restorative yoga, kids/teen yoga, to yoga nidra, (yogic sleep/guided meditation), via privates. Rachel loves helping people connect to their dhi, the inner teacher/light that dwells within all of us, and kumbhaka, the space between breaths.

Rachel is a wife and mother of two, lover of a good book, a great hike, beach time with family and friends, art, writing, yoga, meditation, laughter...lots of laughter, travel, and a huge movie and music enthusiast/nerd. 

Rachel's thirst for knowledge continues and she believes herself to forever be a student in this life.