The benefits of yoga for children are much like those for adults: engaging in some much needed down time, stress relief, enhanced self-awareness and acceptance, improved academic/mental performance, as well as getting a good ole fashioned stretch and having some fun.  Nowadays, kids are inundated with technology and jam-packed schedules, leaving them little time to play, be kids, and connect with their mind, body, or breath. Teaching a child to make this connection is priceless as knowing how to self-care, be empowered, and become resilient are necessities in this world today. 

Full of energy, life, and more connected to their true selves, kids are ideal and natural yogi's and yogini's. 

I am certified through Yoga Ed. and teach children of all ages, from grades K-12. Kids yoga can also be in the form of a class, one-on-one private, or a group private

I am a restlessness inside a stillness inside a restlessness
— Dodie Smith

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