Rachel’s background in counseling and psychology makes her so sensitive, helpful, and aware. During our Ayurveda Yoga Specialist trainings together with the Himalayan Institute, Rachel was as concerned about how to bring the teachings to her students as she was about self-healing. Her warm and engaging demeanor endears her to many who study with her, and her own desire to practice deeply means she will take you there as well.
— Brenda Kwon, 200 hr RYT and English Professor

I have been privileged to witness Rachel’s evolution during the past decade from an MSW student at UH-Manoa to a seasoned school counselor, licensed clinical social worker, and registered yoga instructor. Rachel is one of the most gifted practitioners I know because her comprehensive background in psychology, social work, and yoga gives her a unique understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection. But beyond her broad knowledge base, Rachel is highly intuitive, perceptive, and compassionate. She genuinely cares about every student and client she encounters, and she routinely goes above and beyond to make them feel cared for, safe, and heard. Rachel’s creativity, dedication, and passion enable her to make a unique difference in the lives of everyone around her. Truly, Rachel is an inspiration and guiding light to both teenagers and adults alike. I feel blessed to have worked with and learned from Rachel over this past decade. I know that she will continue to make a meaningful difference using her many talents during this next chapter of her life on Kauai.
— Sarah Slater, MSW, RYT, Psychosocial Department Co-Chair, Punahou School

Of all Rachel’s outstanding qualities, what stands out most is her grounded and compassionate approach to teaching. Her words are simultaneously kind and cut-to-the-chase. It’s as if she’s tapped into a kind of universal intelligence, and she knows that you are too, and her role is simply to remind you of this beautiful truth. After class with Rachel, I feel refreshed, replenished, and more in love with myself.
— Stephanie Keiko Kong, Educator, Yoga Instructor

I met Rachel when she began as a new teacher at the yoga studio where I took classes. I was struck by her calm presence and the warmth she showed each student. The progression was smooth, steady and never hurried. She made sure everyone understood the poses by explaining and demonstrating them before asking the students to do them. In short, Rachel was an excellent teacher.

As time passed and I became better acquainted with her, I grew to think of her as a friend. I appreciated her ready smile when I arrived at the studio and as I left after a class. I felt that she cared about me as an individual and not just one of the many students. I’m sure that every person taking her classes shared this feeling about Rachel.

I have had many yoga teachers, but Rachel stands out as one of the very best!
— Susanna Loftis, 75 year-old yoga student

I started in Rachel’s class because she was teaching a class at a time that I could attend. However, I quickly realized that convenience had nothing to do with why I was in her class — but serendipity did. Her classes were, in a word, accepting. There was never a moment when I felt unsupported or judged. In fact, I always trusted her word and followed her teachings because they were honest and supportive. She created for us a space that allowed for mistakes, growth, questions, and fun. Hands down — her classes were always ones where I walked away feeling better and lighter from the day/week. Every single time.
— Toni Takeno, Development Mgr, Kimball Art Center

I started at Open Space Yoga in 2011. This is where I had the privilege of having Rachel as an instructor. I would go to her Wednesday Yoga Basics class and always felt reassured that wherever I was in a certain Asana was where I was supposed to be. Not once did I ever feel out of place or uncomfortable. In Rachel’s classes, there was always a sense of euphoria that ensued throughout the class. As for Rachel “the person”, my favorite aspect of her as a human and a soul is that she is joyful on every level. Her demeanor is the epitome of compassion and grace, this is what draws anyone to her presence. For that, I am so very thankful that to this day, I consider Rachel a lifelong and eternal mentor and friend.
— Patrick Allen Inouye, Concierge, Mandara Spa